Trees, Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas

Trees, Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas


Chiltern Area has responsibility for managing almost a thousand Tree Preservation Orders, as well as Conservation Areas, covering thousands of trees. Large parts of the area are managed privately as estates controlled by the Forestry Commission, the Corporation of London and the National Trust.

The Council is committed to preserving and enhancing this tree stock and to promoting a better understanding of trees through education. 

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Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and the Historic Environment

This area has a rich architectural heritage with around 1000 Listed Buildings, 18 Conservation Areas as well as 5 Registered Parks and Gardens and 19 Scheduled Ancient Monuments. These historic buildings, areas and landscapes provide valuable evidence of our social and economic history and contribute to the special character of the area.

The Conservation & Historic Buildings Officers at Chiltern are responsible for a wide range of duties regarding the maintenance of these historic assets including advising on Listed Building Consent applications and dealing with pre-application enquiries.

They provide specialist guidance and information on the repair of historic buildings, work to identify and secure the restoration of Buildings at Risk and seeks to raise the profile of the historic environment.

Designated Heritage Assets in Chiltern Area include Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas designated as such under the relevant legislation, as well as Scheduled Monuments and Registered Parks and Gardens.