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Trees in Conservation Areas

About trees in conservation areas

Most trees in a Conservation Area have the same protection a those covered by a Tree Preservation Order. To find out if a tree is located within a Conservation Area, you should use the .

The commonest exceptions are trees with trunks of less than 75mm (3 ins) in diameter at point 1.5m (5 ft) above ground level and most fruit trees.

Works to Trees in Conservation Areas

If you wish to do work to any other tree in Conservation Area you are required to give the Council 6 weeks' notice before carrying out the work. The purpose of the 6 weeks' notice is to enable the Council to protect a tree by a TPO if it considers that it is an important tree with a high public amenity value and that the proposed work is unreasonable.

The notice should be in writing, stating the work involved and identifying the tree concerned. An application form  , which sets out clearly the information you need to give, is available from the Planning Department. There is no fee. A location plan showing the position of the tree should also be included in order to avoid any possibility of confusion about the identity of the tree concerned.