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Stray and Lost Dogs

Dog Control

Stray Dogs

Office hours (Mon-Fri, 08:30-17:30)

If the dog has a form of identification then, if possible, please return it directly to the owner.

If you see a stray dog or have contained it and you can't find the owner please contact the Dog Control Service: 03444 828320

Outside of office hours

A dog warden is available outside of normal office hours to deal with contained stray dogs only. 
Please contact the Dog Control Service: 03444 828320

Lost Dogs

  1. Search the local area and ask neighbours
  2. Contact local vets
  3. Check our website - check to see if we have picked up your dog by Lost dogs UK

By law all dogs must wear a collar with the owner's name and address inscribed on it. From April 2016, it will also be a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. Contact your local vet for information.

Reclaiming your pet

If we have your pet you can reclaim it by calling 03444 828300.

You will need to provide proof of residential address (e.g. utility bill) and ownership (e.g. kennel club registration, family pet photo, vet bill). You will also be asked to pay a charge for the collection and kennelling of your dog as set out below.

If we are able to identify the owner/keeper and address, we will attempt to contact you and return your dog without the need to take it to our kennels first. Unfortunately, this service only applies if the owner/keeper of the dog lives in the Chiltern area. If you live outside the area, then your dog will be taken to our kennels for safe keeping until you are able to pick it up. Normal kennelling fees will apply (see below).

Fees and Charges

If a dog is returned to an owner without going to kennels, then the statutory fine of £25 will be charged together with a fee of £45 for returning the dog.

If we can't find the owner the stray will be transported to our kennels and kept there for up to 7 days. Further fees and charges will apply (see table below). If your dog requires veterinary treatment, vets fees will be charged in addition to those stated in the table below.

Dog straying fees


Kennel fees (payable direct to kennels)

Admin charge

Collection of fees charge (payable direct to kennels)

Dog Collection Charge

Statutory Penalty
(no VAT)

(inc 20% VAT)



  • If you would like your dog returned to you by our contractor, then there will be an additional charge of £25 plus VAT.
  • If the dog remains unclaimed after this period it will be re-homed or in exceptional circumstances the dog will be put to sleep.