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Coronavirus support and information

Local information on coronavirus including service changes, business support, how to get help and vaccinations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

About Corporate Social Responsibility

Local authorities such as ours play a key role in reducing energy use. The Councils are continually working on innovative ways to lower emissions. We have made, and continue to make, significant savings from energy efficiency and earn revenue from renewable energy schemes.

The Councils have found that there is no single approach which guarantees success, but a combination of interventions that can lever change such as:-

  • Communication across a broad range of communities and businesses
  • Encouraging and supporting different behaviours and participation around energy use and consumption, within the Councils and across communities and businesses
  • Enabling change through policy, incentives and actions where possible
  • Financing to support energy changes internally and across communities and businesses where possible
  • Providing governance and leadership through example