Site Licence

About Site Licence

A site licence issued by the Council authorises the licence holder to carry on business at any site in the Council's area. A site licence holder can transport scrap metal from third party businesses by arrangement from the Council, and any other local council area providing it is in the course of the business from that site.

A site licence holder cannot regularly engage in collecting waste materials and old, broken, worn out or defaced articles by means of visits from door to door in the area they are licensed or elsewhere, as this would constitute carrying on a business as a mobile collector. It would be acceptable to collect by arrangement, for instance where a motor salvage operator is asked to transport a damaged vehicle from an address to their site.

It is not possible to hold both a mobile collector's licence and a site licence at the same time with any Council.

If a site licence holder uses self-employed mobile collectors to collect scrap metal which will be processed by the site, each collector would need a mobile collector's licence.

Scrap Metal site - new application (3 year licence)£488.33
Scrap Metal site - renewal (3 year renewal)£396.00
Scrap Metal Collectors - new application (3 year licence)£297.67
Scrap Metal Collectors - renewal (3 year licence)£225.33
Variation of licence type i.e. change from site to collector£161.00
Variation of licence i.e. name, site address, named site managers£60.00
Reprint of licence£32.00
Vehicle window cards£45.40



  • If your application is refused please contact the Council in the first instance.

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