What is Shopwatch?

A Shopwatch scheme is a partnership where retailers unify as an independent group, that works closely with local authorities and the police to pre-empt theft, crime and anti-social behaviour in retail premises to help make shopping areas safer for both customers and staff.

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How does Shopwatch work?

The shopwatch members communicate when they have an issue with an individual(s) and share information to seek an effective resolution to any issues that are arising. This could mean a ban for a named person(s) from all premises signed up to the Shopwatch Scheme.  A ban from local shops is very effective as it penalises the offending person from using their local shopping area as

Banned from ONE = Banned from ALL

How do I know which shops are part of the scheme?

All businesses signed up to the scheme will display the shopwatch sticker in a window. Anyone banned under the Shopwatch scheme will not be permitted to enter any shop displaying the shopwatch sticker within the scheme area they are banned from.

Current Shopwatch Schemes

  • Amersham
  • Chalfont St Peter
  • Little Chalfont

If you are a local business owner and would like to set up a shopwatch scheme in your area please contact Community Safety for further information:

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