School collections


Recycling collections

We offer schools in the Chiltern District free recycling collections. This can be arranged upon request.


Two separate services are available. One for the collection of mixed recycling. The other for paper & cardboard. Collections are made fortnightly.

We can provide free bins and signage.

Please note, charges may be introduced in the future.

Rubbish collections

We can provide schools with a collection of their rubbish. There is a charge for bin hire and emptying.

Hiring bins and charges

We provide a range of bins to suit your needs. Please see below for bin sizes, and the charges for general rubbish bin hire and collections.

(charges do not include VAT) Schools rubbish collection charges (charges do not include VAT)
Bin SizeCollection CostHire Charge
240 litre container£4.00 per lift£55.00
360 litre container£5.00 per lift£70.00
660 litre container£5.00 per lift£78.00
1100 litre container£5.00 per lift



Hire charges are payable annually; invoices are sent out between April and June.

Lift charges are payable quarterly. Invoicing reflects a weekly collection schedule and includes school holidays.

Arrange or amend collections

To arrange, or amend collections, for your school, please email 

Missed Collections

If your schools bins are missed, please report this within three days, by emailing