Post-decision information

You or your agent will receive a copy of the decision notice in the post. The decision will be also published on the online record of the relevant planning application ( View Planning Applications ). The full decision notice and case officer's report will be available to view.

Please be aware that there is no third party right of appeal within the planning system

Application approved

If your application is granted conditional permission, please read the decision notice carefully. The notice will contain a number of conditions, the requirements of which must be adhered to. Details relating to pre-commencement conditions (ie conditions requiring the approval of details before any works commence) must be submitted to and approved in writing by the Council before any works take place on site.

Remember, not to start work until you have obtained both planning permission and building regulations approval, and had details relating to any pre-commencement conditions formally approved in writing by the Council. One on its own is not necessarily enough and the other does not follow automatically. For example, the structure may comply with the building regulations but be an eyesore, or it may integrate with the existing building but be unsafe.

If you  wish to amend an approved planning permission, the nature of the amendments will dictate the method in which they can be submitted to and assessed by the Council.

You can also appeal against the conditions attached to your approval.

Application refused

The decision notice will set out why your application was refused, and the case officers' report will be available for you to view. Taking the reason(s) into account, you may wish to prepare a revised proposal for comment prior to submitting a further planning application. To do so please  see our Pre-application advice service.

If you re-apply within a year of the date on which your application was refused for something which is substantially the same, and both the applicant and application site are the same, you may not have to pay a second fee provided that you paid the fee for the previous application. This exemption can however only be given once and advice should be obtained from the validation team prior to claiming this exemption.

It is also open to you to appeal against the refusal and this does not preclude you from undertaking pre-application discussions with us. Only the person making the application has the right to appeal, either against the failure of the Council to determine the application within the prescribed time period or against the Council's decision to refuse permission. Neighbours and other objectors cannot appeal against decisions. If you have written to us about an application, you will be notified in writing if an appeal is lodged against the decision, and this letter will set out whether any further representations can be accepted.

Certificate of Lawfulness not granted

If your application for a lawful development certificate is not granted, you must apply for planning permission for the works, or amend the proposal to ensure it complies with the relevant criteria. See Do I need planning permission? for more information.