Decision making process and Planning Committee

The Planning Committee

If an application you have commented on is then referred to the Planning Committee for decision, we will contact people who have already written, giving details together with a copy of this advice note. Parish/Town Councils who have already commented will also be notified that the application is to go to the Planning Committee.

You may be eligible for Icon for pdf speaking at Planning Committee [120.82KB] provided that you have already made written comments to us and have registered your wish to speak. Your spoken comments can only cover those aspects that you have previously set out in writing.

The following can speak at the meeting:

  • One representative of the relevant Town/Parish Council (3 minutes in total);
  • One person only, representing the objectors (3 minutes in total);
  • One person only, representing supporters of the application. This person might be an applicant or his/her agent or any other person supporting the application (3 minutes in total).

You only have three minutes to speak so plan what you want to say. The Chair will explain the process, and demonstrate the timing signal, at the start of the meeting.

If you wish to speak you need to make your comments on the application before the Committee agenda is published.

Applicants, their supporters and objectors may arrange for a spokesperson or professional adviser to speak for them, in accordance with the procedures set out.

Planning Committee dates, agenda papers and minutes