Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR)

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The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) annual publication, is a statutory requirement for all Local Authorities. Its purpose is to provide an annual performance update, providing information on the Council's performance against planning policies.

The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR);

  • acts as a record of how the districts are performing and how much development is taking place.
  • provides an overview of the degree to which sustainable development is being achieved in the districts.
  • is for reporting purposes relating to the Council's performance against targets and indicators set out in the Core Strategies.

The requirement for a local authority to produce an Authority Monitoring Report is set out in Section 113 of the Localism Act 2011.

The joint Chiltern and South Bucks Areas of Buckinghamshire Council's Authority Monitoring Report, covering the 2018/19 monitoring year is available to download below;

Icon for pdf Chiltern and South Bucks Joint AMR 2018/19 [1.8MB] (Republished to correct an error in a planning application reference number) Sept 2020
Icon for pdf Joint Authorities' Monitoring Report 2017/18 [1.64MB]

Copies of AMRs produced between 2009/10 and 2016/17 are available to download below. For any enquiries relating to these documents, please email


Previous AMR's and Technical Appendices
AMRSupporting Documents where available
Icon for pdf 2016/17 AMR [1.45MB]N/A
Icon for pdf 2015/16 AMR [1.45MB]N/A
Icon for pdf 2014/15 AMR [1.65MB]              Icon for pdf 2014/15 Addendum [210.17KB]
Icon for pdf 2013/14 AMR [4.04MB]Icon for pdf 2013/14 Technical Appendix [2.69MB]
Icon for pdf 2012/13 AMR [4.24MB]Icon for pdf 2012/13 Technical Appendix [3.9MB]
Icon for pdf 2011/12 AMR [1.39MB]Icon for pdf 2011/12 Technical Appendix [2.37MB]
Icon for pdf 2010/11 AMR [880.47KB]Icon for pdf 2010/11 Technical Appendix [2.26MB]
Icon for pdf 2009/10 AMR [853.2KB]Icon for pdf 2009/10 Technical Appendix [2.17MB]