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Adopted Core Strategy (2011)

The Core Strategy for Chiltern District was formally adopted by the Council on 15th November 2011.

The Core Strategy forms part of the Development Plan for Chiltern District and is used to assess any planning applications that are submitted to the Council. This is available to view below:

Adopted Core Strategy (2011) (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window)
Burnham Beeches Adopted SPD (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)


Changes to the Adopted Policies Map (formerly referred to as The Proposals Map)

A number of policies within the Core Strategy require changes or additions to the Adopted Proposals Map.  We are currently in the process of updating both the  and hard copy of the Adopted Proposals Map to reflect these changes. In the interim, the existing map should be read in conjunction with a document entitled 'Proposed Changes to the Adopted Proposals Map arising from the Adoption of the Core Strategy', available to download opposite.

Other related documents are available to view and at the bottom of this page.

*Please note: the Core Strategy does not replace all of the policies contained within the Adopted Local Plan 1997 (as amended) - any remaining Local Plan policies still form part of the Development Plan for Chiltern District until the point they are superseded or cancelled by subsequent documents.


Legal Challenge to the Core Strategy

Following the adoption of the Core Strategy on the 15th November 2011, a six week period began within which anyone wishing to legally challenge the document could submit a claim to the High Court. The period in which claims could be made has now closed.

On the 13th December 2011, Chalfont St Peter Parish Council submitted to the High Court requesting an order to revoke part of the Core Strategy. The claim related to one part of Policy CS6 of the Core Strategy; specifically the allocation of land at the Holy Cross Convent, Chalfont St Peter for residential development. The High Court decision supported the Core Strategy position and the decision can be viewed in the 'downloads' box to the right. Chalfont St Peter Parish Council appealed the High Court decision and the appeal was overturned, a copy of the appeal decision can also be viewed in the 'downloads' box to the right.

Core Strategy Examination Archive

Prior to adoption, the Core Strategy and supporting evidence base was subject to extensive examination by an independent planning Inspector, between January and October 2011.

You can view all the documents prepared for the examination, including evidence studies, Inspector's notes, the Council's written responses and wider public representations, in the Core Strategy Archive; the link is available below.

Core Strategy Erratum

A printing error has been found in Table 1 (pages 34 to 35) which follows Policy CS4. Clause K should have finished with the word 'development;' Clause L should have started on the next line (starting with 'Preservation and enhancement'). The Subsequent clauses in the document (currently L to R) should have been clauses M to S. However, since the printed Core Strategy has been made available numerous letters and emails will have referred to policy CS4 and the clauses in Table 1 in relation to planning applications and proposals.

Therefore to avoid any future confusion over the appropriate clause lettering, the omitted clause starting with the words 'Preservation and enhancement' is now identified as clause 'T'. All other clauses in the table remain as currently worded.