Interactive Policies map

Interactive Policies Map

You can use an interactive version of the Adopted Policies Map (formerly known as the Local Plan Proposals Map) - useful if you want to find out about the policies that affect a particular site, area or settlement.


The map allows you to search for a location and see which policies within the Development Plan (as at November 2011) apply to your chosen location.

The Core Strategy was adopted on the on the 15 November 2011. The adopted Policies Map includes the remaining "saved policies" of the Adopted Local Plan and the Adopted Core Strategy Policies.

Click on the link below to access the Interactive Policies Map.

Interactive Policies Map

HS2 Route

In July 2013 the Secretary of State for Transport issued a Safeguarding Direction to protect the proposed route of the HS2 scheme through the Chiltern Area. The Council will have to show the safeguarded area on its new Polices Map of the Emerging Local Plan. In the meantime the safeguarded area can be seen by downloading the mapping from the HS2 website

HS2 safeguarding maps

Other Information

You can also download a written copy of the Adopted Local Plan (including alterations) and Core Strategy using the related links on the right.

Please note that the Policies Map shown on this website is an electronic version of the hard copy maps which form part of the Local Development Plan. In itself it does not have any legal status. Therefore, if you intend to rely on the Policies Map in any connection, for example, making a planning application, you are advised to check its accuracy by contacting Planning Services of Chiltern Area at

The Interactive Policies Map is hosted externally. However, If you experience any technical problems with the map, please contact us on 01494 732950 and we will ensure the problem is reported to our supplier.

Paper copies of the Adopted Policies Map will be available in due course.  Please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01494732950 or email for details.