Pension Age Customers


This is when someone reaches the age they can claim State Pension.

Check your State Pension age

Pensioners are protected and will continue to get the same support they did under council tax benefit and the rules are prescribed by government. Therefore, the whole 10% saving has to fall on working age customers.

The maximum amount someone can receive is the full years council tax minus any amounts for discount, such as single person discount, and any deductions for non-dependants. The yearly charge is broken down into a daily charge, but when we talk about benefits we usually refer to a benefit week (Monday to Sunday).

Someone whose income is less than the Applicable Amount gets full council tax support e.g. their income is Pension Credit Guarantee.

Here is an example:
Paul lives alone and is entitled to Pension Credit Guarantee. His weekly Council Tax is £20.00. Because he lives alone he is entitled to a single person discount of 25%. So the maximum weekly council tax is £15.

His Pension Credit is equal to his applicable amount so he gets £15 per week council tax support and has nothing to pay.