Mobile Collectors Licence

About Collector's licence

A collector's licence issued by the Council authorises the licence holder to carry on business as a mobile collector in the Council's area only. A separate collector's licence is needed for each council area that a mobile collector collects scrap metal. A mobile collector can dispose or sell scrap metal in any local council area regardless of whether a collector's licence is held for that area.

A mobile collector will need a licence to buy or sell any scrap metal collected. Even if the material is provided free of charge, a licence is required in order to sell it on.

A mobile collector's licence will cover any employees working for that business. If they are not employed directly by that mobile collector's business and are self-employed, they will need their own collector's licence even if they are collecting metal from the same van as a person who has a mobile collector's licence.

Scrap Metal site - new application (3 year licence)£488.33
Scrap Metal site - renewal (3 year renewal)£396.00
Scrap Metal Collectors - new application (3 year licence)£297.67
Scrap Metal Collectors - renewal (3 year licence)£225.33
Variation of licence type i.e. change from site to collector£161.00
Variation of licence i.e. name, site address, named site managers£60.00
Reprint of licence£32.00
Vehicle window cards£45.40



  • If your application is refused please contact the Local Authority in the first instance.

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