Councils aim to increase appetite for food recycling

Introductory rolls of plastic food caddy liners and information packs outlining the benefits of food recycling will be delivered to households across Chiltern and Wycombe districts in the next few weeks in a bid to boost food waste recycling.

Yellow stickers will also be appearing on general waste wheelie bins at same time across the districts. The stickers are intended to remind people of the separate weekly food recycling service, which has been made even easier. Waste food can now be placed in the brown food caddy wrapped in plastic bags, newspaper or brown paper bags. 

Food recycling has two environmental benefits. Firstly the gases produced during reprocessing create energy. Secondly the residue from this process produces fertiliser used in agriculture

The range of things that can be recycled now is quite extensive - check out if you are recycling everything you can - What goes in my bins?