Flooding guidance

Flooding Guidance

Flooding - information and advice to help manage your flood risk

For information if you are at risk of flooding and who to contact in the event of flooding, visit How to deal with a flood

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to protect your home from the risk of flooding.

Detailed information on specific flood risk management responsibilities

Know your flood risk

You can check whether your home or place of work is at risk of flooding by entering your post code into the long-term flood risk assessment service on the Environment Agency's website.

Alternatively you can request the flooding history of the land around a property by emailing  The Environment Agency with your contact details, the property address, and a map extract showing the location of the property. This is a free service unless it's for a business or takes more than 18 hours to complete.

Flood warnings by email or text

If you live or work in flood risk areas you can sign-up to the Environment Agency free flood warning service. You can sign up online or by calling Flood Line on 0345 988 1188

This service does not provide warnings about imminent surface water flooding from intense rainfall. For severe weather warnings of extreme rainfall please check the Met Office website or follow the Met Office on twitter.

Preparing for a flood

If your home or business are at risk of flooding we strongly recommend making a flood plan. You may also want to familiarise yourself with the National Flood Forum's protecting your property page which has six steps to ensure you reduce the risk and your ability to respond if there is a flood.

Independent flood advice

Public Health advice

Public Health England provides guidance on the health impact of flooding as well as practical advice on how any risks can be mitigated.

The National Flooding Forum is a charity that offers independent help and advice for both victims of flooding and for whole communities which have been affected by flooding.

You can call them on 01299 403055