Firework Safety

Be safe and follow the checklist below for a safe fireworks display          

Before the display

  • Check the fireworks you buy are suitable for the size of garden and conform to British Standards (BS 7114; 1988)
  • Ensure your display area is free from hazards
  • Do not tamper with firework
  • Read the instructions in daylight
  • Warn neighbours, especially the elderly and those with animals, about your display
  • One person - clearly identified - should be responsible for fireworks

Things you will need on the night

  • Metal box, with a lid for storage
  • Torch for checking instructions
  • Bucket of water
  • Protective hat, eye protection and gloves
  • First Aid kit
  • Bucket of soft earth to stick fireworks in
  • A board for flat bottomed fireworks
  • Suitable supports for catherine wheels
  • Proper launchers for rockets

During the display

  • Light fireworks at arm's length with a taper
  • Stand well back
  • Never go back to a lit firework
  • Keep storage box closed between use
  • Keep children under control

After the display

  • Use tongs or gloves to collect spent fireworks
  • Next morning check again and remove firework debris


  • Unsuitable for children under five
  • Light one at a time
  • Hold at arm's length
  • Wear gloves when holding sparklers
  • Put used sparklers hot end down into a bucket of sand or water


  • Organise properly
  • Should be at least 18 metres (60 feet) away from houses, trees, hedges, fences or sheds
  • Before lighting, check for animals and children
  • Use domestic firelighters
  • Never use petrol, paraffin or other flammable liquids
  • Never put used fireworks, aerosols, foam-filled furniture, batteries, tins of paint or tyres on a bonfire