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Finding Private Rented Accommodation

Where do I look for private rented accommodation?

  • Letting Agents
  • Internet - Property Search Engines
  • Local Paper - Main adverts and classified
  • Newsagent windows - Postcards adverts

If you are claiming Housing Benefit you may get turned down by various letting agents or landlords. It is always wise to advise your agent or landlord at the outset that this may be a possibility. We work closely with a lot of the agents in the area so they won't all automatically exclude you from viewing.


Many people look forward to renting on their own so that they can have their own private space. While living on your own has some advantages (e.g. privacy, having things the way you want them!), it is well worth considering sharing accommodation. This has its own advantages - perhaps the main ones are that it will bring down the costs of renting considerably and can actually be enjoyable. Some people find that as much as they look forward to living on their own, they end up finding it isolating and lonely. You do need to think carefully about who you could live with and get on with. If you find the right person or people, sharing can be fun!

If you are sharing with a number of people, the house may be a Houses in Multiple Occupation