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Local information on coronavirus including service changes, business support, how to get help and vaccinations.

Housing and relationship breakdown

If you don't want to stay in your home

If your situation means that you can't or don't want to remain in your home you will have to consider renting or buying another home. In these circumstances you should seek our advice and assistance.

Asking for help

If you become homeless as a result of your relationship breaking down you may be able to get help from the Council. We will only help you immediately if you don't have a right to remain in your accommodation or if you can show that the situation is so bad that you can't remain even though you have a right to do so.

If you are homeless and have children with you or you are pregnant or vulnerable in some other way (usually due to ill health, age, state of mind or possibly due to your situation; for example, you may be suffering from domestic violence) we will have to provide you with temporary accommodation whilst we look into your case. We may find that we have a duty to find you accommodation in which you can live in the longer term.

You can also be treated as a homeless person if you are suffering from, or are threatened with domestic violence. It is very important that you explain your problem in detail to the Housing Options Team as they have to investigate what you say to be able to decide what the Council legally has to do. The more information you can provide the quicker the investigation can be.

Applying to the Council as homeless does not mean that you will automatically be offered alternative accommodation.


If you are at risk of violence or abuse in the home and need somewhere else to live you may be able to get immediate help at a woman's refuge. Refuges provide temporary accommodation for women and children who need protection from violence or abuse. They offer a safe place and support to allow you to decide what you want to do.