Designated land for dog fouling (Chiltern Area)

Parish of Amersham (Town)

1. Barn Meadow Recreation Ground
2. Hervines Park
3. King George V Field
4. Memorial Gardens
5. The Platt. Cemetery
6. St Mary's Cemetery
7. Stanley Hill Cemetery
8. Westwood Park
9. Open land at Church Mead (adj. River Misbourne), Amersham.
10. The Green, (junct.of Batchelors Way and The Rise), Amersham.
11. Open Land at Round wood; Round wood Road, Amersham.
12. Dovecote Car Park, Amersham.
13. Land surrounding Park Place, Amersham.

Parish of Ashley Green

1. The Village Green, including land surrounding the pond. Glebe Copse, Glebe Meadow and Parish allotments.
2. Both sides of the Two Dells Lane linic road, St John's Church surrounding grounds and lawns.
3. Parish Burial Ground.
4. Playing fields. adjacent to grass island and lay-by off the A416, a carriage way with a speed limit of 40 miles an hour or less.
5. The lay-by and grass island between the playing field and the A41 6.
6. The Snowhill Estate roads and pavements.
7. The track east from the Village Green to the Sewage Works and the path leading to Glebe Meadow, including all grass verges and areas associated with the track and pathway.
8. Both sides of the A4I 6 carriageway and adjoining footpaths, pavements and verges.
9. Two Dells Lane carriageway and adjoining footpaths, pavements and verges.
10. Hog Lane carriageway being a carriageway with a speed limit of 40 miles an hour or less and adjoining footpaths, pavements and verges.
11. Public footpath number 7 passing through Whepley Hill Park.

Parish of Chalfont St Giles

1. Bowstridge Lane Playing Fields, (through Crossleys), Bowstridge Lane, Chalfont St. Giles.
2. Bowstridge Lane Cemetery, Bowstridge Lane, Chalfont St. Giles.
3. Silver Hill Open Space, (including land surrounding Jubilee Homes and open spaces surrounding William Shakman House) between School Lane and Silver Hill, Chalfont St. Giles.

Parish of Chalfont St Peter

1. Love's delight Allotment, Church lane, Chalfont St. Peter.
2. Mill Meadow Play Area, (adjacent to Community Centre), Gravel Hill, Chalfont St. Peter.
3. Lady Gibb Millenium Wood, adjacent to Community Centre, Gravel Hill, Chalfont St. Peter.
4. Hill House Allotments, Gravel Hill, Amersham Road, Chalfont St.Peter.
5. Cheena Meadow Playing Fields, Denham Lanes Chalfont St. Peter.
6. Garden of Rest Cemetery, Denham Lane, Chalfont St. Peter.
7. Boundary Road Playground, Boundary Road, Chalfont St. Peter.
8. The Village Green, Rickmansworth Lane Chalfont St. Peter.
9. The open land comprising Gerrards Cross Golf Club, Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, Chalfont St. Peter including footpaths thereon

Parish of Chartridge

1. Recreation Ground, Cogdells Close, Chartridge.
2. Bellingdon Playing Field.

Parish of Chenies.

1. Open Land at Bedford Close, Chenies, Buckinghamshire.
Parish of Chesham Bois.
1. Glebe Land surrounding Parish Centre, Glebe Way, Chesham Bois.
2. Bois Avenue Green, Bois Avenue, Chesham Bois.
3. St. Leonard's Churchyard and Paddock, High Bois Lane, Chesham Bois.
4. Chesham Bois Cemetery, Wood Road, Chesham Bois.

Parish of Chesham (town)

1. Ley Hill Common, Chesham.
2. Land between Latimer Road and River Chess Chesham.
3. Water meadow Car Park and adjoining grass areas, Water meadow, Chesham.
4. Land at Lower Stone Meadow, Chalfont St. Giles.
5. Chesham Cemetery.

Parish of Chesham

1. Archena Gardens/Temperance Hall Garden, St. Mary's Way, Chesham.
2. Codmore Playing Field and Pavillion, Botley Road, Chesham.
3. Lye Green, Lycrome Road, Chesham.
4. Meades Water Garden, Red Lion Street, Chesham.
5. Lowndes Park, St. Mary's Way, Chesham.
6. Gordon Road Play Area, Gordon Road, Chesham.
7. Hodds Wood Road Recreation Area, Hodds Wood Road, Chesham.
8. Woodland View Recreation Area, Woodland View, Chesham.
9. Bois Moor Road Recreation Area, Bois Moor Road, Chesham.
10. Windsor Road Recreation Area, Windsor Road, Chesham.
11. Marston Playing Field and Pavillion, Mount Nugent, Chesham.
12. Batchelors Way Recreation Ground, Batchelors Way, Chesham.
13. Co op Field (off Deansway), Chesham.
14. Red Lion Street Gardens, Red Lion Street, Chesham.
15. Nashleigh Hill Recreation Ground, Nashleigh Hill, Chesham.
16. Manor Way Road Island, Manor Way, Chesham.
17. Chesham Moor Playing Fields, Waterside, Chesham.

Open Areas at:
Upper Belmont Road, Chesham.
Fullers Hill, Chesham.
Chessbury Road, Chesham
Benham Close, Chesham.
Victoria Road, Chesham.

Land Surrounding:-

Newtown Evangelical Baptist Church, Berkhampstead Road, Chesham
Trapps Court and Trapps Lane, Chesham.
Shelley Road, Chesham.
Whichcote Gardens, Chesham.
Five Acres, Chesham
Gawdrey Close, Chesham.

Parish of Cholesbury -Cum -St. Leonard's Buckinghamshire

1. Land surrounding St. Leonard's Parish Hall and Playing Field, Jenkins Lane, Cholesbury cum St. Leonard's, Buckinghamshire.

Parish of Great Missenden

1. Sports Centre and surrounding land, Honor End Lane, Prestwood.
2. Land adjoining Link Road Car Park, Link Road, Great Missenden.
3. The grassed area abutting Hildreth Road and Hazell Road, Prestwood.
4. Play Area, Prestwood.
5. Recreation Ground, Prestwood.
6. The Common, Prestwood.
7. Open Space, Buryfield, Great Missenden.
8. Village Green, Frith Hill), Mill Lane, Great Missenden.
9. Play Area, Sibley Rise, South Heath.
10. Playing Field, Blackthorne Lane, Ballinger.
11. Grounds of Tanton House, Winslow Field, Great Missenden.
12. Car Park, High Street, Prestwood.
13. Car Park, Link Road, Great Missenden.
14. Lawn Cemetery, Great Missenden.

Jordan's Village

1. Cherry Tree Corner Green, Jordan's.
2. Village Green, Jordan's.
3. Dodd's Descent, Jordan's Village Green.

Parish of Little Chalfont

1. Snells Wood and adjoining car park, White Lion Road, Little Chalfont.
The playground/open areas at:-

Kiln Avenue, Little Chalfont.
Junction of Elizabeth Avenue and Cavendish Close, Little Chalfont.
Arbour View, Little Chalfont.
Halifax House and Applefield Way, Little Chalfont.

Parish of Little Missenden

Open areas surrounding: Highmore Cottages, Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire.
Village Green, Windsor Lane, Little Kingshill.
Church Grounds, Little Kingshill Baptist Church, Little Kingshill.

Parish of Penn

1. Throshers Wood, Seeleys Road, Beaconsfield.
2. Cricket Pitch, Penn Street, Penn.
3. Knotty Green Allotments. Forty Green Road, Knotty Green,
4. Knotty Green Cricket Ground, Recreation Ground and Grass Triangle, Forty Green Road, Knotty Green.
5. Grass Verge between Throshers Wood and Seeley's Road, Knotty Green.
6. Forty Green Play Area, (opp. Community Hall), Gomms Wood Road, Forty Green.
7. Forty Green Common, Brindle Lane, Forty Green.
8. Penn Street Play Area. Penn Street, Penn.
9. War Memorial Green (by Penn Church), Church Road, Penn.
10. Grass Verge Common Areas, Elm Road, Penn.

Parish of Seer Green

1. Green Meadow Play Area, Green Meadow, Chalfont Road, Seer Green.
2. Jubilee Walk, Orchard Road, Seer Green.
3. Recreation Ground, Park Place, Seer Green.
4. Cemetery Entrance (off School Lane), Seer Green.