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Construction Sites

About construction sites

Sections 60 and 61 of The Control of Pollution Act, 1974 enable the Council to impose conditions on the way in which work is carried out on construction sites in order to limit the noise impact on surrounding dwellings.

The Council will seek to agree, with the site operator, a standard set of voluntary restrictions on the time during which a construction site is allowed to operate noisy equipment that could give rise to nuisance. These are usually;

  • Monday to Friday - 8am until 6pm
  • Saturday - 8am until 1pm
  • Sunday and/or Bank Holidays - no noisy equipment should be used

Construction noise time of working are only guidelines and can be subject to change with prior notification to the Local Authority.

If however operators fail to adhere to the agreed times without good reason, then enforcement powers may be used to enforce the necessary restrictions.

Site operators must contact the Environmental Health Department (in writing where possible) to obtain consent to operate such equipment outside these hours.

Noise from DIY can result in complaints being made by your neighbours. Speak to your neighbour and try and agree reasonable hours for noisy activities. If this doesn't resolve the situation we would recommend that you contact Mediation Bucks who offer a free independent service.

Once you make a formal complaint, you will be asked to complete diary log sheets, which should provide accurate details of:

  • A description of the noise and how it affects you in your home or garden.

  • The dates the noise disturbs you.

  • The times the noise starts and then stops.

  • The diary sheets should then be returned to us for analysis, and based on this evidence appropriate action will be taken. This may involve visits to your property to witness the disturbances you are experiencing.

Report construction noise If you wish to register a formal complaint.