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A new contract for recycling, waste and street cleansing will start on 7th September 2020, which will bring significant benefits and improvements for our residents.

Whilst we move from one contractor to the next there may be some delays completing your request. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The garden waste collection service, for your first bin or bags*, costs £45 per year.

* some households, not suitable for wheeled bins, will be issued with two reusable bags

In addition to your first subscription fee, you may request one further subscription at a cost of £70 per year.

Subscription length

Subscriptions last 12 months, on a rolling agreement.

Collection frequency

Collections take place every two weeks, on the same day as your recycling. The garden waste collection service is suspended for two weeks between December and January.

Please note that subscriptions will start 14 days after payment has been received for the service.

Unemptied bin

We will only empty garden waste bins for which a valid subscription has been paid.

We will not empty bins that contain the wrong items, are too heavy to be collected safely or where the garden waste is wedged / frozen.

When will I receive my bin?

Customers who already have a bin should continue to use the bin at their property.

We aim to deliver new bins within 28 days. All efforts will be made to ensure that new customers receive a full 12 months subscription.

Terms and conditions

Please download and read the terms and conditions before subscribing to the service Icon for pdf Garden waste terms and conditions [160.98KB]


Pay for garden waste


Garden waste contract extensions (due to Coronavirus service suspension)

To compensate subscribers for the garden waste collections that could not be made due to Coronavirus, garden waste contracts in Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe areas (Wycombe 2nd bin subscriptions) will automatically be extended by 2 months. The extension period will cover all of the collections subscribers did not receive due to the service being suspended.

When will the service restart?

Collections resumed on Monday 11th May on usual collection days.

Please do not put any extra garden waste next to the bin. If your bin is very heavy, or the lid won't close, please take some garden waste out and store for the next collection.

Your bin may be emptied at a different time than usual, so please put it out by 6:30am.

Why don't I get my money back straight away?

There is a significant administrative cost to issuing refunds for each collection that could not be made due to Coronavirus. It is much more cost effective to extend renewal periods, which still gives subscribers the full amount of collections they paid for when they last subscribed to the service.

What if new customers start after the suspension is lifted?

Any new customers will pay the standard renewal fee and date. They will not have experienced service disruption so will not receive any compensation.

Will I get a new sticker?

No, you will not get a new sticker for the 2 month extension.  The crew will continue to collect your bin taking into account this extension period. For example, if your subscription expired at the end of May,  your bin will be collected without a new sticker until the end of July 20.

When you renew after the 2 month extension, you will receive a new sticker with a full year's subscription to the service.

What if my subscription ended during the suspension?

Residents will be able to renew at the end of the 2 month extension period.

Can I just cancel and get my money back?

Payment for the garden waste subscription is in advance and there are no refunds given throughout the year. This will remain the case and as all subscriptions will be compensated for allowing refunds is not necessary.