Benefits - non-dependant deductions

In some cases, we must make a deduction that is intended to reflect the fact that any non-dependant will be making a contribution towards household expenses.

Who is a non-dependant?

A non-dependant is someone aged over 18 years who normally lives with you on a non-commercial basis but is not:

• Your husband / wife / partner
• A young person for whom you receive child benefit
• Someone jointly liable to pay rent and / or council tax with you
• A boarder, sub-tenant or joint tenant.

There might be an informal arrangement for the non-dependant concerned to pay you an agreed sum for their keep. However, non-dependants cannot claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support based on the liability for these payments.

How will a non-dependant affect my benefit?

The regulations say that we must reduce your Housing Benefit by a set amount each week for each non-dependant who is living with you. The amount of this "non-dependant deduction" depends on the gross income of the non-dependant, not the amount they pay you.

For Council Tax Support the deduction is £5 regardless of the income of each non-dependant.

Any money the non-dependant pays towards their keep is not treated as income for the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claimant.

If no proof of non-dependant income is provided, the highest deduction will be taken.

Are there any exceptions?

There is no deduction for any non-dependant whatsoever if the Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claimant or any partner is:

• Registered blind
• In receipt of the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment                                                                              
• In receipt of Disability Living Allowance (care component)
• In receipt of Armed Forces Independence Payment
• In receipt of Attendance Allowance

or if the non-dependant is:

  • Is under 18

  • On State Pension Credit

  • Aged under 25 and on Income Support / Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based) / the assessment phase of Employment Support Allowance (Income Related) / Universal Credit without any earned income

  • Is on a Youth Training Scheme

  • Is a full time student

  • A member of the armed forces away on operations

  • A patient in hospital for more than 52 weeks

  • A prisoner sentenced, on remand or bail

  • Normally lives elsewhere.