Positive Relationship Programme

The Positive Relationship Programme (PRP) is an educational, strength-based programme that supports individuals who want to find healthier, safer solutions to relationship-based problems and conflict. PRP is designed to support group members who have evidenced aggression within their intimate partner relationships.

This 12 week programme will be delivered at six different sites across the Thames Valley region and finally offer something to perpetrators and victims, other than a criminal justice route.

The programme addresses the following key areas:

  •  Increasing self- and other-awareness
  •  Self-efficacy and self esteem
  •  Emotion regulation
  •  Alcohol awareness
  •  Social problem solving skills training
  •  Goal and solution identification
  •  Resources, skills and tools to resolve social problems and aggression within intimate relationships


PRP will be delivered by Probation Service Staff but will accept referrals of perpetrators who accept they have a problem and living in the community.

For more information please visit: Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse - Positive Relationship Programme

Tel: 01869 328500

email: TVYAIICRCProgrammesAdmin@thamesvalleycrc.org.uk

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