Money Management Sticker

Did you know? You can stay safe from Loan Sharks by having a Credit Union membership

Money Management








This sticker is designed so that the children learn about Loan Sharks and the Credit Union.

There is a lesson plan that can be used in class and the children should create a poster about the Credit Union. Please send us the best example from your class and we will choose an overall poster prize winner from across the schools.

We would also ask that the children find out how they would open a Junior Credit Union Account.

There is a Loan Shark magnet to be given to each child to take home and put on their fridge so that every family knows how to report a Loan Shark if they are approached by one.

You are able to request support from a representative of M for Money Credit Union, who will be able to assist with your money management lesson. Please contact Derek Berry, Local Co-ordinator, M for Money Credit Union 01494 812916 or email