The Council has no legal obligation or responsibility to remove graffiti on commercial premises or private property. This is the responsibility of the owner.

Please contact the following services if you see graffiti on their property:

  • Adshel Bus Shelters: 0800 7313699 (Please note the 8 digit number which is found on the actual bus shelter)
  • Other bus shelters: see bus shelter for owner / details
  • BT Phone Booths: 0800 661 610
  • BT cabinets (with BT symbol on floor panel next to box ) / telegraph poles / access covers - BT Open Reach: 0800 023 2023
  • Highway Bridges: 01296 382416
  • Highway (traffic) Signs: 01296 382416
  • L& Q Housing: 0300 456 9996
  • London Underground: 0845 330 9880 (or 020 70384247)
  • Network Rail0845 711 4141 (Tracks / Stations / Bridges)
  • Paradigm Housing: 0300 303 1010
  • Post Boxes: 03457 740740 (Please note the box number and street name)
  • Street (road name) Signs: 01494 732093 (Council Estates Management)
  • Virgin Media green cabinets (with CATV written on floor panel): 0870 888 3116

Preventing Graffiti

  • Plant shrubs and other vegetation to make vulnerable areas inaccessible
  • Use materials and surfaces that make graffiti vandalism difficult  such as  trellising or graffiti resistant coatings
  • Improve or add security measures such as lighting or security cameras around your property
  • Discourage through traffic and access to your property by using fences, controlled entrances and exits, rails and other barriers
  • Quickly remove any graffiti from your property to deter repeat occurrences

Removing Graffiti

  • Paint over graffiti
  • Sand down wooden surfaces with coarse sand paper and re-stain
  • White spirit, methylated spirit or paint removing products may be suitable Carefully read the manufacturers instructions and safety information before use.
  • DIY shops often carry a range of graffiti removal products that may provide a solution to small scale graffiti
  • Large scale graffiti may have to be treated by a specialist graffiti removal company. Local companies may be found online or in your local telephone directory.


Report Racist or offensive graffiti