Environment Sticker

Did you know? Every England football shirt worn in the 2018 world cup was made using at least 12 recycled plastic bottles!

Did you know? The hollows in a tree and the cracks in the bark are caused by natural forces and occasional wood-eating insects. 









This sticker is designed to encourage the children to learn about Recycling and Nature. Students can be awarded with this sticker by taking part in one (or both) of the below topics.

Involvement with a class project or any individual efforts in this area can be rewarded with a sticker. 

Alternatively the Councils' Waste & Recycling Team have produced some activities your class can take part in along with a Teachers fact sheet, see downloads section. They are also able to offer a class presentation if required. Please contact Carla Shepherd, Waste Project Officer at carla.shepherd@buckinghamshire.gov.uk  

The National Trust have provided each pupil with a booklet '25 activities to do before you're 11 ¾' - you will find these in your school packs. The activities encourage the children to explore the great outdoors. You may like to do a class activity or the children can give them a go out of school.