Dangerous Wild Animals

Animal Welfare licence

About Dangerous Wild Animals Licence

Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 aims to ensure that where private individuals keep dangerous wild animals they do so in circumstances which create no risk to the public and which safeguard the welfare of the animals. Animals which are classified as "dangerous wild animals" are identified in a schedule in the Act.

In addition to powers of inspection, the Act gives the local authority powers to seize any animal being kept on premises which are unlicensed. Zoos, pet shops and circuses are exempt from the provisions of the Act as these premises are subject to separate licensing requirements.

Complaints about people who may be keeping dangerous wild animals without a licence

If you have a complaint about an individual who you think may be keeping wild animals unlicensed please contact the Licensing Office to enable us to  investigate.


The current application fee for a Dangerous Wild Animals Licence is £350.00 + vet fees