2015 2016 Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood Planning aims to help local communities play a direct role in planning their local area.  Neighbourhood Plans are voluntary, and in the Chiltern District can be prepared by Town or Parish Councils. Chiltern District Council (the local planning authority) will then use the Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the area affected by the Plan.

Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared, an independent examiner will check to ensure that it meets the right basic conditions. The Council will consider the Examiner's report and organise a referendum on any plan that passes examination. This means that the community has the final say on whether a Neighbourhood Plan is made by the Council and becomes part of the development plan for the area it covers.

How would a Referendum work?

People living in the Neighbourhood Area who are registered to vote in local elections will be entitled to vote in a referendum.  If more than 50% of people voting in the referendum support the plan, then the Local Planning Authority must bring it into force.

How does the Neighbourhood Plan process work?

A Neighbourhood Plan is prepared by the Town or Parish Council and then checked by an independent examiner to ensure it meets the right basic conditions.

Why did we need to hold a second referendum for the Chalfont St. Peter Neighbourhood Area?

Before the Neighbourhood Plan could be adopted by Chiltern District Council, a legal challenge was made by the owners of Winkers. They objected to the inclusion of the nightclub in a list of community facilities to be protected by the Neighbourhood Plan. The High Court quashed both the Council's decision in relation to Winkers and the result of the original referendum. The court ruled in their favour and Winkers was removed from the draft Neighbourhood Plan and the revised draft Plan was the subject of a new referendum. This was the only change in the revised plan. All the other aspects and benefits to the village are just as they were before.

The results of the 2015 & 2016 Chalfont St. Peter Neighbourhood Planning Referendums can be viewed below.