Assisted collection review

What goes in my bin





We are currently reviewing our assisted waste collection list. As part of this review, we need to check that you are still eligible for this service.

What is an assisted waste collection service?

It's a service offered to residents who are not able to put out their waste and recycling containers and have no-one living with them who is able to do it for them. Our collection crews collect containers from an agreed and appropriate location, empty them and return them.

Do you qualify for this service?

We can offer this service if you have a medical condition or other physical reason that means you are unable to place your waste containers on the highway boundary and you have no one else living with you who is able to present your containers for you.

Why are we checking?

Sometimes, people move house or their personal situation changes, which means that they no longer need the assisted collection service. We check our customer lists to make sure they are still up to date so we can offer this service to those residents who truly need it.

What do you need to do?

Let us know if you need the assisted collection service by completing our online form