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Senior staff salaries

Salaries of Senior Staff as at 31 March 2017
Chief ExecutiveChief Executives1.0£126,250- £135,340
Interim Director of ServicesServices1.0£88,597- £96,839
Director of ResourcesResources1.0£88,597- £96,839
Head of FinanceResources1.0£66,593- £78,038
Head of Business SupportResources1.0£66,593- £78,038
Head of Legal and Democratic ServicesResources1.0£66,593- £78,038
Head of Customer ServicesResources1.0£66,593- £78,038
Head of Healthy CommunitiesServices1.0£66,593- £78,038
Head of Sustainable DevelopmentServices1.0£66,593- £78,038
Head of EnvironmentServices1.0£66,593- £78,038

All posts shared - Chiltern DC 54.9% South Bucks DC 45.1%

excel icon Salaries of senior staff as at 1 January 2015 [24kb]
pdf icon Pay Policy 2016/17 [181kb]

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Directorates - key personnel