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Planning Policy

Our planning policy documents set the context for development in the District, governing the decisions made on planning applications and what types of development are suitable for each area.


The Development Plan

The Development Plan for Chiltern District consists of the adopted Core Strategy, the saved policies of the Adopted Local Plan for Chiltern District and documents produced by Buckinghamshire County Council relating to Minerals and Waste. In Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Area (the entire Parish Area) the Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Plan also forms part of the Development Plan.

The Policies Map shows the where policies within the Development Plan (as at November 2011) apply.

The Council are in the process of producing a new Local Plan which will replace the adopted Core Strategy (2011) and adopted Local Plan (1997). The new (emerging) Local Plan will run from 2014 to 2036.

Following the suspension of the emerging Delivery Development Plan Document (Delivery DPD) in November 2014 the Council withdrew the Delivery DPD 6th January 2015 and therefore it will not form part of the Development Plan for the District.

For further details on all the documents listed above, please follow the links provided in the 'Related Pages' or 'Offsite Links' sections on the right hand side of the page.


Other Planning Policy Documents

The Council also produces Supplementary Planning Documents to provide additional guidance on specific planning issues, these include Affordable Housing and Residential Extensions and Householder Development.

These documents contain additional guidance and interpretation of the content of the Development Plan. The Council will determine a planning application in relation to the policies in the Development Plan.

Regard should also be given to the Chilterns Buildings Design Guide and accompanying technical notes for applications which lie within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Council produces a Local Development Scheme (LDS) (LDS), which is a document which contains details about what development plan documents (and other documents) the Council intends to produce and the timetable for their production.

The Council has an adopted Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which sets out the how the local community and stakeholders can participate in the planning process during the production of planning policy documents and during the planning application process.

A housing land supply trajectory is produced to support the 'plan, monitor and manage approach' to housing delivery by monitoring both past and anticipated housing delivery across a period of time.

For further information, please contact the Planning Policy Team