Chalfont St Giles

Neighbourhood Plan

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council has produced a Draft Neighbourhood Plan covering the entire parish area.

The Neighbourhood Plan was publicised in advance of the examination. The Consultation Period ran between 26th February 2018 and 9th April 2018.

Chiltern District Council, with agreement from Chalfont St Giles Parish Council, appointed Janet Cheesley to act as the examiner for the Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Plan. She will examine the Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with the regulations and produce an examination report in due course. Further updates will appear on this page.

Following the Examiner's initial review of the Neighbourhood Plan documents submitted for examination, she raised concerns regarding the environmental assessment of the neighbourhood plan and the level of detail in the original Habitats Regulations determination by Chiltern District Council. This in particular related to a recent non-related legal case where it was held that an initial screening assessment should not include any effects of mitigation. As such the Examiner considered it would be prudent to undertake a fresh screening assessment before the plan was formally examined. The Parish Council as the Neighbourhood Plan Group decided to suspend the neighbourhood plan examination and requested Chiltern District Council to undertake the necessary steps to re-assess the environmental aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Re-consultation on the Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Plan

Following completion of the environmental assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan, the Council is re-consulting on the Neighbourhood Plan alongside the new environmental documents. If you made comments during the first consultation period (26th February 2018 to 9th April 2018) there is no need to repeat these comments as the Examiner will consider any comments received during the first consultation period alongside any comments made during the second consultation period. The 2nd public consultation period runs from 21st December 2018 until 8th February 2019.



The Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Plan submission documents are available to download below

Icon for pdf Chalfont St Giles Submission Neighbourhood Plan [4.69MB]

Icon for word Statement of Representations Procedure and Document Availability [39KB]

Icon for pdf Consultation Statement [9.25MB]

Icon for pdf Basic Condition Statement [4.0MB]

Icon for pdf Chalfont St Giles Parish Map [1.32MB]

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Neighbourhood Area

Chalfont St Giles was declared a Neighbourhood Area by Chiltern District Council on the 20th December 2012.

The Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Area covers the entire Chalfont St Giles Parish Area.

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council is the relevant body who applied for the Neighbourhood Area. Their application to Chiltern District Council, and map defining the Neighbourhood Area are available in the downloads at the bottom of this page.


Regulation 16 Pre-Examination Responses

Responses received during the pre-examination period are available to view (download) below.

Responses are shown with the responder's name, where given. A responder's organisation, if applicable, will be shown in brackets (). Responses supplied by an agent have the agent's company name shown in square brackets [].