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Graffiti relates to any drawings, tags or messages that are painted or written on buildings, walls or street furniture. It is unsightly and illegal and can attract other crimes to a particular area. Graffiti can also add to the fear of crime and can be a contributing factor in the decline of a neighbourhood or area.

The Council has no legal obligation or responsibility to remove graffiti on commercial premises or private property. This is the responsibility of the owner.

Please find tips on how to prevent and remove graffiti from your property below;

Preventing Graffiti

  • Plant shrubs and other vegetation to make vulnerable areas inaccessible
  • Use materials and surfaces that make graffiti vandalism difficult  such as  trellising or graffiti resistant coatings
  • Improve or add security measures such as lighting or security cameras around your property
  • Discourage through traffic and access to your property by using se fences, controlled entrances and exits, rails and other barriers
  • Quickly remove any graffiti from your property to deter repeat occurrences

Removing Graffiti

  • Paint over graffiti
  • Sand down wooden surfaces with coarse sand paper and re-stain
  • White spirit, methylated spirit or paint removing products may be suitable Carefully read the manufacturers instructions and safety information before use.
  • DIY shops often carry a range of graffiti removal products that may provide a solution to small scale graffiti
  • Large scale graffiti may have to be treated by a specialist graffiti removal company. Local companies may be found online or in your local telephone directory.

Contact details for reporting graffiti to the relevant body can be found below: