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Dog Fouling

Chiltern actively encourages dog owners to act responsibly and clear up after their dogs.

Dog fouling bag it and bin it of face a fine This link opens in a new browser window

It is illegal not to clear up the mess left by your dog as soon as it has fouled and those that leave their mess behind are liable to a fixed penalty notice.

With over 150 dedicated dog waste bins throughout the district, there is no excuse to leave dog mess on the streets and in parks and open spaces.

Free dog waste bags are currently available to residents at the Council Offices in Amersham and Town/Parish Council offices. If you can't find a dog bin, bag your pet's faeces and take it home for disposal.  If no other option is available, pick up any mess and seal it well using a bag which can then be carefully placed in a standard litter bin.

Get involved

You can help take a stand against dog fouling in Chiltern by using the Report it Online facility. 

Information provided by members of the local community can assist in identifying who is committing an offence and at what times.

When reporting an offence of dog fouling please think about the following:

  • Do you know of a dog owner who never, or hardly ever, picks up after their pet?
  • Do they usually walk the dog at a certain time during the day?
  • What times are the offences being committed?
  • Where are the offences being committed?
  • What does the dog look like?
  • What does the owner look like?
  • If the dog owner using a car, what is the number on the registration plate?

Dog fouling can be tackled by the whole community working together. Some dog owners think that they can get away with not picking up after their pet if they believe they can not be seen. But as more and more people come forward to report dog fouling offences, irresponsible dog owners may start to think twice about their actions.

Report it!

If you would like to report a dog fouling offender, please use the Report it Online facility.

Remember that more information you can give, the greater chance there is of offenders being caught.

Designated areas

Designated areas where it's an offence not to clear up your dog's mess includes:

1) All roads/pavements and verges adjoining roads with speed limits of 40mph or less.

2) Open spaces in the following areas: