Food caddy liners - plastic now accepted

Plastic bags now accepted in food waste recycling!

Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe District Councils in partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council, are working collaboratively to increase food waste recycling.

Households in the three districts with a food recycling service should have received an information pack about the benefits of food recycling, including a one-off roll of plastic bags to line kitchen caddies, helping new comers start to the service. At the same time, yellow stickers were placed on rubbish bins to encourage residents to separate and recycle food waste.

Waste food can be placed in the brown food caddy wrapped in plastic bags, newspaper, brown paper bags or compostable liners. The idea is to make this service easier and convenient to residents, by using bags you would find around the home; such as old carrier bags, cereal, salad or bread bag etc. And, with weekly food waste collections, food isn't lingering in the home or rubbish bin for two weeks.

Machinery separates the bags and liners from the food waste. Those bags and liners are then sent to the energy from waste plant to be turned into electricity. The remaining food waste is processed, creating energy and a rich fertiliser, to be used in agriculture.

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How your food waste is recycled

Top tips

  • Line your caddy and empty it regularly to keep it clean
  • Rinse your caddy in washing up water, or place it in the dishwasher
  • Line the bottom of your caddy with kitchen roll or newspaper to keep it dry
  • Keep your outdoor food bin locked; push the black handle forward to lock it
  • Present your food bin every week on collection day