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Bulky collections for large items

We provide a service for the collection of bulky household items e.g. old furniture, cookers, fridges, beds etc.

All electrical items collected in this service will be recycled, all other items are currently landfilled. Please make sure to contact your local charity to see if your old furniture can be re-used. Good quality, old furniture can be donated to High Wycombe Central Aid Society    Tel: 01494 443459 or try the Furniture Re-use Network for more local charities. Auction sites are also a great way to re-use your furniture - remember one man's waste is another man's treasure

1 - 3 items£36.00
4 - 6 items£72.00
7 - 9 items£108.00

Pay for bulky waste collections

A maximum of 9 items will be collected. You can arrange this using the link to the right or by calling the Waste Team on 01494 586550

Please be aware that once your bulky collection is booked, we cannot change the collection items or the appointment day. Cancellations with full refund can be made up until 1pm on the Friday prior to your bulky collection date.  We will not be able to refund any cancellations made after this cut-off time.

If you are in receipt of income-related benefits, this service is subsidised resulting in a charge of £14.00 for 1 to 3 items, £35.00 for 4 to 6 items and £52 for 7 to 9 items. Please note, you will need to provide us with your NI (National Insurance) number to process this. Please call 01494 586550 to arrange this service.

We will contact you to advise when the booking is scheduled to take place. All Items must be left outside the property for collection, as the contractors are not insured to enter buildings. Please ensure there is access to the items at all times in this period.

Please note that items that can be fitted into a black sack/wheeled bin can be put out for your normal waste collection. All electrical items are not suitable for crushing in a refuse vehicle and should not be put out for normal refuse collections.

All household waste, including fridges and freezers, can be taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Centres  for disposal free of charge.

Items we cannot collect

We cannot take building or DIY waste, garden waste, pianos, fixtures and fittings (for example baths, sinks, kitchen cabinets and doors).

If you use a contractor to carry out work for you, it is their responsibility to dispose of the waste. It is your responsibility to make sure the waste is disposed of correctly and legally. Ask to see their Your Right to Know: Public Registers and ask where they are going to dispose of the waste.