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Stoptober is back for 2016

Stoptober is back to help smokers kick the habit - and if you can quit for 28 days, you're five times more likely to quit for good. Remember, there's only one YOU.

The benefits of giving up are significant - you will feel better, your health will start to improve immediately and so will your finances - giving you more money to enjoy all the energy you'll have!

The national Stoptober campaign offers support in a way that suits you - get the app, have daily emails, chat to someone when you get cravings, e-cigarettes,medicines and services that will help you give up are all available.  Tips like telling people you are giving up, getting friends and family on board to help keep you on track could make the difference between succeeding or not. Knowing you are not alone, that others are facing the same challenges, sometimes is enough to keep you going - that's why signing up to the Stoptober campaign is a such great idea.

Find out more on the Stoptober website: