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Wycombe Women's Aid

Wycombe Women's Aid work from a feminist perspective and we are  committed to the principle of self-help and encouraging women to determine their own futures by making information available in an accessible way and supporting women to make their own choices. Below are each of the services on offer for anyone affected by domestic abuse.

Refuge Services - A refuge is a safe place where you can stay temporarily if you need to escape an abusive relationship. Some women stay for a few days, others for many months. We try and make sure that our refuge is a safe, friendly and comfortable place to stay whilst you decide what to do next. The decision to leave an abusive relationship is an extremely difficult one and the staff can talk to you about what your options are before you decide. The majority of refuges are like any shared house in that you and your children will be given your own bedroom but share the living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom with the other women and children that live there.

Refuge accommodation is available to all women regardless of age, class, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, nationality, religion or cultural beliefs. Also women with or without children.

Resettlement Services - We continue to offer support after clients leave as we recognise this is a difficult and frightening time so we work to support the transition back into independent living free from abuse.

Children's Services - We offer therapeutic direct work, family support work, play therapy, parent and toddler groups, healthy living workshops and parenting clinics. We aim to ensure Children & young people understand that Domestic Abuse is not their fault and help them to find strategies to stay safe as well as model healthy relationships to ensure they go on to thrive and achieve in adulthood.

Advocacy & Outreach Services - The Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy service works intensively with high risk victims of domestic violence with the aim reducing the risk to the victim and is/her children from domestic abuse. The Outreach service also provides support to lower risk clients, the support is longer term and more focused on helping the client overcome the abuse and move forward with their lives. We have a dedicated male support service as we recognise that there is a need for support and also a male researcher undertaking much needed research into the scale and severity of abuse for men.

Education, Training & Awareness - As part of an intervention approach we are committed to training our multi agency partners to feel confident in providing a response to clients they come across in their day to day work. We work to ensure that Domestic Abuse remains high profile in the community.

Freedom Programme - This is a free 12 week rolling group that provides women with the opportunity to explore the realities of domestic abuse. Strategies are provided to help recognise abuse and break free.