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Service update


Monday 17 October 2016 - Garden waste subscription update


Due to a technical error, some of our garden waste subscription letters were sent out without a sticker enclosed. We are aware of which properties have been affected and will be re-posting the letters, with stickers, this week. Please accept our apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Rejected bins


If your blue bin has not been emptied it may be because it contains the wrong items. Our crews have all been trained on what can and what cannot go into each bin. We have found that the most common reasons why bins are rejected, are as follows:

  • Paper & cardboard in the blue bin (please use the green or black paper box)
  • Bagging recycling in plastic bags (please keep it all loose)
  • Putting hard/stiff plastics in the blue bin i.e. toys, plant pots, washing up bowls
  • Plastic / cellophane wrapping in the blue bin
  • Biscuit and sweet wrappers in the blue bin
  • Polystyrene in the blue bin

If your bin contains the wrong items, we kindly ask that these items are removed, so that we may empty your bin on the next scheduled collection day. Crews will not return before the next scheduled collection day to empty a bin that contained the wrong items.

For more details on the types of materials that can be put in to the blue bin please visit the Mixed recycling page.