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Collection day changes

Residents are reminded that waste and recycling collections will be rescheduled around the May bank holiday.

Please see the table below for revised collection dates:

Normal Collection DayRevised Collection Day
Monday 1 MayTuesday 2 May
Tuesday 2 MayWednesday 3 May
Wednesday 3 MayThursday 4 May
Thursday 4 MayFriday 5 May
Friday 5 MaySaturday 6 May


Purple Sack Deliveries


Our contractor is completing the delivery of purple rubbish sacks for residents. This will replenish your supply of rubbish sacks for the year ahead. You will receive two rolls of sacks, enough to last the year. Deliveries will be completed by Sunday 26th March.

If you have not received your supply of sacks, please contact the joint waste team at

Please remember we will collect no more than four (4) purple sacks on each rubbish collection week.

Complaints Processing


We are currently experiencing technical issues and may take longer than usual to process complaints. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you need to contact the waste team, please email

If you are reporting a missed bin, please use our online form