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Waste collections - latest news on collections - 05/02/2015

We are working hard to keep your rubbish and recycling collection service going. But the safety of the crews, pedestrians and other road users, as well as access to your property, can prevent us from carrying out some of the scheduled collections.

All our crews are out today on their collection rounds. It may be unsafe for our large vehicles to access rural roads and difficult access roads. These roads are currently being surveyed to determine if there is clear safe access for the collection vehicles.

Please leave your bin, bags or boxes on your property boundary and our collection crew will endeavour to collect your rubbish or recycling. If we are unable to empty them today we may be able to catch up during the course of the week, if possible, but want to cause as little disruption as possible to the rest of the rounds.

If garden waste bins are frozen, we will be unable to return to empty them and they will be emptied on the next scheduled collection for garden waste.

When we have information on any roads that we have been unable to access, we will provide this information on our websites

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Please email or call 01494 586550 for any further enquiries

Last updated: 5 February 2015 - 09:01


Frozen green waste - 26/01/2015

Garden waste sometimes freezes inside the green wheeled bins when temperatures plummet, which prevents us from emptying bins. You can help by loosening the materials inside the bin before presenting it for collection. Try not to overfill or over pack the bin - this compacts the garden waste particularly the materials at the bottom of the bin. The more compact it is, the more likely it is to freeze. Try to keep the lids closed to reduce moisture build up. If you are able to keep the garden bin in a garage or shed, this can also help prevent the waste freezing.