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Population Estimates

Mid-year population estimates are published annually by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). They refer to the estimated population on 30th June of the previous year. They are the official set of population estimates for the United Kingdom and its constituent countries, the regions of England and Wales and local authorities.

The 2011 MYE was published on 25th September 2012. It provides estimates at national, regional, county and local authority level by five-year age group and sex. They also include additional selected age groups and broad components of population change along with a methodological guide explaining how the MYE is produced.

For England and Wales they reflect the local authority administrative boundaries that were in place on 1st April of the year in question. 

Copies of documents from 2005 can be requested in pdf format by emailing

From the links below you can view the latest national statistics on migration and population published by the Office for National Statistics: