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Rubbish and Accumulations

To report rubbish and fly-tipping on public land please contact Waste Management: Fly-tipping.

To report fly-tipping on private land please contact Bucks County Council: Fly-tipping.

We often receive complaints about the state of neighbour's gardens, however we cannot get involved when a garden is simply untidy.  We can deal with accumulations of rubbish on private land that is prejudicial to health or provides a food source or harbourage to rodents.

The definition of "prejudicial to health" within legislation does not include physical injury caused by items such as broken glass or trip hazards such as piles of rubble. With regard to rodents, a survey will be carried out to identify whether there is rodent activity around rubbish. If rodent activity is found, and the rubbish provides a food source and/or harbourage to rodents, we can request that the waste is removed.

If the owners or occupiers refuse to take action to remove waste that is prejudicial to health or carry out any necessary work to aid the prevention of pests, then we are able to serve notice on them requiring them to do so. Failure to comply with the notice within the specified timescale can result in work being carried out in default, recovering the costs and/or possible prosecution.

You can make a formal complaint by completing our Report it Online form